Saturday, October 11, 2008

I should have mentioned this when it was released last month. Michigan's Au Revoir Borealis, a wonderful container of many talented musicians:

Stephenie McWalters. Vocals
Steve Swartz. Instruments
Tom Currie. Instruments
Philip Zott. Drums

With Help From:

Anna-Lynne Williams. Vocals
Jessica Bailiff. Vocals.
Gary Murray. Vocals, Guitar
Colette Alexander. Cello
John Somers. Keyboards, Drones
Allison Minando. Violin
Anderson Reinkordt. Guitars
Rachel Allison. Violin

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Read a review here.

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Carianoff said...

Hi this is Michael Carian.

Glad you love DEFS, it really is something quite special. Unfortunately Justin Van Slembrouck and I were not part of the recording of this album. As much as I would love to have my name attached to this album I have too much respect for the parties that were. Could you please correct that in your review.